The Process

We will guide you through all stages of design and construction, from the first sketch on tracing paper through to the completed project.

Concept Design

The Concept Design stage is a very creative part of the architectural process. Ideas are formed, explored and tested in response to your brief and the site conditions. We consider your aspirations, site conditions including the most appropriate orientation, mass and materiality, and the spatial qualities of the design. Environmental considerations are integral. 

During this stage, the design is periodically reviewed against the relevant guidelines and planning restrictions, and the design is presented during conversations between the architects and the clients. The design is refined and, with your approval, lodged for planning.


The Design Development stage usually begins once a planning permit has been received. It commences with a check of the design against the budget. We then work together with the consultant team (engineers, surveyors and other specialist consultants) on the principal structure and services, and confirm key material decisions for both internal and external finishes. We work closely with you to develop the detailed design of the interior and functional elements such as the joinery and fitout. The cost plan is revised again at the completion of this stage. 

Contract Documentation

The drawings and specifications that will form the tender and the construction documents are prepared. This is when all materials, details and finishes are finalised and documented. This is an intensive stage during which we coordinate the consultant teams to produce their accompanying drawings and specifications. The cost plan is revised again to provide a baseline against which to compare tenders. 

Contractor Selection and Tendering

We prepare a shortlist of potential builders who have the relevant experience and capabilities to undertake the project. With your approval, we then put the project out to tender. Upon receipt of all responses to the tender, we assess each one and provide a report for your review. Once the client accepts a tender, we facilitate contract negotiation if required and prepare the contract documents for signing. 

Contract Administration

After providing the necessary documentation to receive a building permit, we act as Contract Administrator. We respond to the contractor’s requests for information, assist in the resolution of detailing questions on site and, together with a quantity surveyor, assess progress claims and variations. We manage the contract between the client and the builder. This is a critical stage as we work hard to make sure that the original design intent is carried through until completion. At the conclusion of this stage, the project will be at practical completion. 

We are always happy to provide additional services such as masterplanning, pre-design stages to consider siting options, feasibility studies and furniture selection.

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